Blanc de Chine – ICAA, International Ceramic Art Award

ICCA International Ceramic Art Award, Pechino, Cina

light art by nicola boccini

You and I, terzo premio, pannello in porcellana interattivo e multimediale


Mostra d’arte al Museo Masséna, Nizza (Francia) dal 6 al 21 Ottobre 2019

Mostra d'Arte delle opere premiate, Museo Massena, Nizza. (Francia)

Mostra d’Arte delle ops.fkasfkasflkaslkfasere premiate, Museo Massena, Nizza. (Francia)


This edition of the ICAA began its call for entries on October 1, 2018, with May 10, 2019 set as the deadline for registration. A total of 569 ceramic artists hailing from 40 different countries and regions were in the running for the award, with the number of collected entries totaling a whopping 785 ceramic artworks.

icaa blanc de chine opera di nizza


opere premiate icaa

Catalogo opere premiate, Museo Massena, Nizza. (Francia)


nicola boccini light artista