The Last Judgment

Date of the great opening: 2nd of December at 6 PM

Multimedia Ceramic installation inspired by Hans Memling’s Last Judgement

An exhibition of a contemporary multimedia ceramic panel by celebrated ceramic artist Nicola Boccini (works in Deruta near Perugia, Italy). The panel is a multimedia installation made of porcelain components that are a medium for fragments of Memling’s painting and other visual elements projected in programmed sequences. The artist has constructed a contemporary version of the Last Judgement, while retaining the painting’s content, iconography and symbolism.

The hexagonal panels are made  of bone china clay (a special kind of fine porcelain) by slip casting into a plaster mould. The technique is “Porcelain Veins:” copper wire is inserted about 3 mm into the Bone china clay before the clay dries. The copper wire used for the panels melts and its vapours colour the bone china body, leaving green lines.

All 22 panels are worked by hand,  fired 3 times in a complete cycle, with only one firing at around 1320° C.  In this procedure, Boccini has also been able to establish its theory: when fired at a very high temperature, the bone china clay first contracts (shrinks) and then swells (expands). This procedure created panels about 2 mm thick and perfectly translucent.

By using contemporary technologies and materials and by involving the visitors, whose self-photos will be incorporated into the panel in real time, he reinterprets the subject of the Last Judgement in the context of what he feels are the most important social problems, such as racism, terrorism, xenophobia or immigration conflicts.



Place: National Museum in Gdansk, Department of Old Art., ul. Toruńska 1 80-822 Gdańsk Poland

Date of conference 2nd of December at 15:00
Date of the great opening: 2nd of December at 6 PM