Tecnargilla 2016

tecnargilla Italy invite Nicola BocciniTecnargilla, the world´s biggest ceramics industry trade show, set to take place in Rimini from 26 to 30 September 2016, will host a selection of works from the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza (MIC) as part of the Ceramic Bang exhibition, curated by architects Azzolini-Tinuper.

The works, chosen from the Premio Faenza collection, tell the story of ceramic art over the last 40 years.

´We´ve selected designer pieces from the greatest Italian talents (Mari, Sottsass, La Pietra)´ explains Claudia Casali, Director of MIC Faenza – ´alongside artists who have journeyed into the field of ceramic sculpture, to provide insight into the ceramic language of recent decades, looking at innovation in the twenty-first century with 3D printers and interactive research´.

In addition to some important historical pieces, the exhibition will showcase innovation, with pieces made using the 3D printers of Romagna firm WASP, with trial works by Francesco Pacelli, Federica Ditta and Cristiano Pesca and an installation by Nicola Boccini – ´Re-evolution 16.9´, comprising 15 porcelain panels, an interactive multimedia experiment managed using an artistic app.


Video Ceramic Bang:

tecnargilla 2016