Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is a hub of experimentation and cross-pollination, a meeting point and a place for new opportunities to reflect on the world of design and planning.

The 2024 edition will take place from 16th to 21st April 2024, in the Rho Fiera Milano spaces, as is traditional.

Nicola boccini at Salone del Mobile 2024

Multimedia and Interactive Sink

by Nicola Boccini


For over seventy years, light artists have been creating works of art and luminous installations using materials derived from industry: light bulbs, neon lights, optical fibers, and lasers that reshape space in the darkness and alter our perception of reality. For the first time, however, Nicola Boccini merges Light Art with artisanal materials such as ceramics, a technique and tradition of his Umbria, combining craftsmanship and originality with research and experimentation.

In 2014, he presented the first multimedia ceramic artwork that interacts with the audience, Evolution 14.0, consisting of 30 interactive light panels. Within these panels are Porcelain Veins, threads that allow light to flow through the ‘living’ matter of his installations. After all, light is nothing but a fluid and vibrant substance that animates matter, giving shape and concreteness to emotional, psychological, and symbolic values.

In 2019, he completed one of the most prestigious commissions of his career: the multimedia ceramic reproduction of Hans Memling’s “The Last Judgment” for the National Museum in Gdańsk. The light makes the passage of souls visible: projections of the faces of spectators passing into another celestial dimension.

Today, thanks to this project, Nicola Boccini’s light-animated ceramics create a sink, an essential element for the daily ritual of cleanliness, a porcelain white cylinder wrapped in branches that surround it like bas-reliefs. They are the roots of a tree, drawing vital sap from light and water, a design work that seems to organically integrate nature and technology. Within the room, the sink, with its vegetal veins, becomes a regenerative work, reclaiming space, extending its luminous branches, and enveloping us. Despite our ongoing acts of degradation, nature finds a way to be reborn, refusing to surrender and bestowing wellness upon us with the light and beauty of the natural world.


Dr. Claudia Bottini
Art Historian and Curator

terzofoco ceramic factory
The New Face of Ceramics

Salone del Mobile 2024 | Milano Rho Fiera April 16-21

Salone Internazionale del Bagno | Hall 6 – Stand C33

Nicola Boccini at Salone del mobile 2024

For the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, from April 16 to 21, Terzofoco, a ceramic boutique factory of luxury washbasins, will be present at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, Hall 6, Stand C33, with two important new collaborations. With the artist and designer Emanuel Gargano who designed the Lune collection and with the experimental ceramic process artist Nicola Boccini who designed the Linfa washbasin.


Lune Collection | Design Emanuel Gargano

The moon is one of the wonders of creation that man has always looked at with admiration and ardor, so much so that he could not help but reach its surface and know its mystery. The link that the moon has with many phenomena of the Earth is known, especially with human nature, which influences its course and development. The Lune collection was born from the desire to bring a fragment of this magic back into our daily lives. A series of hand-shaped craters of matter that penetrate a ceramic plane that can be touched as well as admired. The slender metal structure supports a perforated ceramic top where all the elements of the collection are fitted. Lune is an extremely versatile bathroom collection, each individual accessory has its own function and can be supplied in various finishes. The main element of the washbasin houses a hemispherical cap inside which refers to the convexity of the satellite and at the same time hides the water drain.

Lune is available in four sizes: L166xP60xH85cm module, L126xP60xH85cm module, L96xP60xH85cm module, L57xP57xH85cm module.


Linfa Washbasin | Design Nicola Boccini

Innovative and unique in its kind, the Linfa multimedia washbasin represents a harmonious fusion between artistic form and functionality. Composed of three parts that rise up like a column, this study between design and art offers a unique perspective on the concept of a washbasin. Inspired by the majesty of nature, Linfa welcomes organic elements that intertwine and wrap its surface with grace and elegance. This washbasin, masterfully made of porcelain by light artist and ceramic technologist Nicola Boccini, is a work of art in itself. Each part and detail has been carefully hand-modeled to ensure differentiated thicknesses, creating a variation in translucency that allows for internal lighting. The LEDs controlled by small logic boards, positioned inside the entire surface, offer a range of variable colors, with the possibility of interaction to change the tones.

Thanks to this feature, the washbasin reveals raised veins that develop along its surface, offering a suggestive play of colored lights and shadows. The result is a functional work of art that transforms the simple daily act of washing into a unique sensory and visual experience. With its revolutionary design, this multimedia washbasin stands out as an icon of innovation in the world of furniture and interior design, representing the perfect combination of creativity and practicality.

Linfa is composed of three overlapping parts that measure, from top to bottom, 15, 25 and 50 cm. Total dimensions H90xÆ43 cm.


The Company

The home of Terzofoco is in Deruta (PG), a village located on a hill overlooking the Tiber valley, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy and, above all, known throughout the world for the production of artistic ceramics. In Deruta, in fact, since the fourteenth century everything speaks of ceramics: quarries, laboratories, artisans, decorators. The name of the brand comes from the experience and knowledge of the material: Terzofoco ceramics comes to life from three passages in the oven, from three firings. The material is shaped and then fired in the first fire. Then glazed and fired a second time. But it is only the third firing that forever fixes the precious materials that finish the products.For Terzofoco, making ceramics today means drawing from the past while looking to the future. Terzofoco was born from this idea: the baggage of knowledge and centuries-old experience cannot be separated from innovation, development, technology. And sense of beauty. As in the past, with a new look.

Today Terzofoco is led by Alessio Scacaroni, who boasts a long experience in the world of ceramics.

Each individual Terzofoco piece draws on the artisan wisdom of those who produce it and their deep knowledge of ceramics. The proposals are differentiated by the study of details and the techniques used, so much so that they can offer unique, customized bathroom products designed to give the environment the value of personalization. Porcelain, Raku Clay, Fire-clay,

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