Lux Aurea Ceramic


27th  january to 15 th March 2024,
 Falcone Borsellino Gallery 4a/b Bologna

In the context of ART CITY Bologna 2024, on the occasion of ARTEFIERA, Di Paolo Arte is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Italy by Nicola Boccini within an art gallery. The project is titled ‘Lux Aurea’ and showcases a rich selection of recently produced works, conceived as a synthesis of artistic expression and technical innovation.

On the central wall of the gallery, For What is exhibited, a large installation in colored ceramics, alongside which some works in resin and porcelain, and others in porcelain alone, find their place. Each exhibited work is to be understood as a visual and tactile sensory experience. The viewer is led to reflect on the continuity between past and present in a visual “syncretism” where differences converge into a formal and conceptual unity.


The exhibited works – multimedia and interactive – were created using a technique called “CCC” (Change Ceramic Climate), conceived and realized by Nicola Boccini in 2020.


This technique challenges the static nature of traditional art by creating interactive works that can interact with the surrounding environment, simultaneously changing shape and texture in response to climate changes. Visitors are offered a dynamic and immersive experience reflecting the connection between art and the surrounding environment.


“Change Ceramic Climate” represents a turning point in the way ceramics are conceived in relation to a dynamic and rapidly evolving society. Nicola Boccini’s special technique involves the use of water mixed with ceramic pigments, frozen, and then melted on porcelain surfaces. Therefore, Boccini’s works should be seen as a block of ice containing ceramic pigments, liquefied on porcelain surfaces. The results are unique, random, and surprising colorations and designs. Shades of blue and green emerge organically, creating a range of tones that reflect the uncertainty and changing beauty of our natural environment. This process symbolizes the melting of glaciers, bringing attention to a very current issue: climate change. The use of “glacier melting” not only creates conceptual connections but also introduces an element of randomness and uniqueness in the works.


‘Lux Aurea’ is completed by two sculptures positioned on a pedestal – both titled “Aura” – creating a fascinating play of lights on the ceiling and walls of the gallery. Each work becomes a tangible document of a unique moment, captured in the act of change. This interaction between materials and the environment offers a visual and conceptual experience that goes beyond the mere contemplation of art. The artist invites the viewer to explore the works up close, to immerse themselves in their complexity and to reflect on the connections between art and the environment. Each piece tells a unique story, but together they create a dialogue that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional art.


ABOUT Nicola Boccini

Nicola Boccini was born in Deruta (PG) in 1972. He lives and works in Deruta. He is an international experimental artist who has transformed ceramics into optical, sound, and light works. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia and the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in The Hague, he dedicated himself to a more in-depth study of ceramic technology, becoming one of the most experimental artists and technologists in the world. His art spans ceramics, video art, performance, and multimedia and interactive installations. In 2007, he created his first technique, “Porcelain Veins,” harmonizing metals with ceramics. In 2010, he created Ceramics 2.0, multimedia and interactive. In the same year, he created Art/r/Evolution, a traveling exhibition of experimental ceramics, and co-wrote the first ceramic manifesto, “Work in Clay is different.” In 2012, he created the “Boccini Technique.” In 2016, he introduced Ceramics 3.0, a new concept and philosophy in organic ceramics. In 2017, the National Museum in Gdańsk (Poland) chose him to create “The Universal Judgment,” inspired by Hans Memling’s “The Last Judgment” (1467), featuring a multimedia and interactive installation in Bone China. In 2020, he created the C.C.C. (Climate Change Ceramic) technique. In 2021, he was invited to the seventeenth Venice Architecture Biennale with “Lane,” a multimedia and interactive work in porcelain modules that interact with the sounds or voices emitted by the spectator. In 2023, he introduced the new concept of Irrational Ceramics. He has collaborated with research and experimentation centers, foreign academies, universities, and internationally renowned designers and architects. For him, ceramics is an ultra-contemporary material for creating performances, events, meetings, and teachings around the world. In a few years, he has emphasized the importance of light as an applied art, giving life to new, “contemporary” art objects, animating the material – a luminous substance with infinite potential – that best enhances the space it occupies, creating unexpected suggestions or simple luminous images in the dark.


Lux Aurea

by Nicola Boccini


Curated by Olivia Spatola and Manuela Valentini

Di Paolo Arte Gallery

Falcone Borsellino Gallery 4a/b, Bologna

January 27 | March 15, 2024

Vernissage: Saturday, January 27 at 6 PM

Visibility hours during Arte Fiera: 01/02, 02/02, and 04/02 from 4 PM to 8 PM

Art White Night: Saturday, February 3 from 4 PM to midnight

Visibility hours: Monday | Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM | 4 PM – 8 PM


nicola Boccini for what, art exhibition in bologna
"FOR WHAT" 135 cm x 135 cm

The artwork “FOR WHAT?” represents a deep and reflective analysis of the current state of the world, exploring the reasons behind the wrongdoings that occur globally. The choice of the title, translated into Italian as “Per Cosa?” and into English as “For What?”, suggests a central and critical question that permeates the entire work.
The X-shaped structure of the five porcelain panels not only visually evokes the symbol of the question but also emphasizes the complexity and multidimensionality of the issue. The variable lighting of the panels, in response to sounds or voices, adds a dynamic and interactive element to the artwork, creating a direct connection between the observer and the piece.
The colors that emerge during this interaction can be interpreted as symbolic representations of moods, emotions, or various facets of human actions. The combination of sound, light, and form contributes to creating an engaging sensory experience that invites viewers to reflect on their own actions and the motivations behind them.
In summary, “FOR WHAT?” provides a space for contemplation and awareness, urging viewers to question human decisions and their consequences, fostering a critical reflection on our role in the contemporary world.

Nicola boccini lux aurea ceramica

Lux Aurea -

Nell'ambito di ART CITY Bologna 2024 in occasione di ARTEFIERA, Di Paolo Arte è lieta di presentare la prima mostra personale in Italia di Nicola Boccini all'interno di una galleria d'arte. Il titolo del progetto è 'Lux Aurea' e presenta una ricca selezione di opere di recente produzione, da concepi

Nicola Boccini. Lux Aurea

mostra personale | opening 27 gennaio h 18


Opere 'nomadi' e giardini segreti. Prime inaugurazioni nelle gallerie

Questo weekend si prospetta interessante per gli amanti dell'arte contemporanea a Bologna, con numerose inaugurazioni di mostre. Tra queste, spiccano le opere inedite di Viola Morini presso BoA Spazio Arte e la personale di Nicola Boccini alla Galleria Di Paolo Arte. Altre mostre da non perdere includono Secret Garden di Alessandra Calò e Evocations.


LUX AUREA | Nicola Boccini in mostra alla Galleria Di Paolo Arte di Bologna

Fino al 15 marzo la galleria bolognese Di Paolo Arte, con la curatela di Olivia Spatola e Manuela Valentini, ospita le opere di Nicola Boccini, artista che ha rivoluzionato il mondo della ceramica unendo tradizione e tecnologia