11 January 2020

Light and Shapes


The installation of the Vessel Lightwork represents a “Vessel” ship (from the English: cargo ship, commercial ship) carrying “modules” without distinction between goods or people.
People or containers are transformed into numbers, objects of transport from one side to the other, there is no distinction, only numbers that must be transformed into currency.
Vessel Light wants to shed a light on this inhuman crime (dealing with geographically unfortunate people) so that no one can say that they have not seen, and at the same time shed a light of hope.
The work is set up to respond with light and interact with the public and at the same time, the real voices of the moment of the rescue “exchange” are heard.

The drama is already strongly told by the real voices, during the rescue, which is heard in the background in the work, when it interacts with the public.

vessel light drawing

Measure: 215 cm x 172 cm x 40 cm, wood, led rgb, computer.

In 2020, in collaboration with Open Arms, Boccini created Vessel Light, an installation composed of light panels arranged to form a cargo ship carrying “modules” with no distinction between goods and people. Selected for the Faenza 2020 prize, the work is not completed without the interaction of the public, who passing by it activates the sounds and light patterns of which it is composed. What can be heard are voices, cries, recorded during a rescue at sea. And so the viewer witnesses the tragedy that takes place in the dark, where a light comes on to remind the world of these crimes against humanity, so that no one can say they have not seen. With Vessel Light, the artist espouses the concept of a “vessel,” and lets the work travel and land in Galleries and Museums around the world.

 Curator D.ssa
Claudia Bottini

 – 61 Faenza Prize, International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza, 2020
 – Deruta Ceramic Museum.  Maggio 2021
 – Scuderie Aldobrandini, Museum Tuscolano. Art Biennale of Contemporary Art, Ceramic,  Tarquinia.  Maggio 2022


The inspiration came during my travels through China to universities and colleges. While I was teaching a special relationship developed between the many students and me, in fact, the work is called YOU & I.

The work interacts with sounds and voice as if I were the work (I am) and YOU were the people who observe it, entering communion between sound and color.

Light art nicola boccini
nicola boccini ceramic art

Measure: diameter 205 cm x 40 cm, wood, led rgb, computer.

nicola boccini art ceramic multimedia


The kernel in its freest translation means “core” the essential part of anything. Symbol of life, also seen as consciousness, represented in this work with the most varied combinations of colors. The shape refers to seed, the core that is about to fall and return to the cycle of life. 

Kernel ceramic light
ceramic light art

Measure: 125 cm x 90 cm x 13 cm, wood, led rgb, computer.

kernel ceramic art
light art nicola boccini


Measure: 130 cm x 90 cm x 15 cm. 

ceramic light


Measure: 200 cm x 110 cm x 15 cm. wood, led rgb, computer.

porcelain light bliss
Nicola Boccini multimedia ceramic artist bliss