Eindhoven DDW

Dutch Design Week, 17th  – 25th  October 2009 Eindhoven


DDW 09

The exhibition “Ceramics & Architecture” shows the existing ceramics in architecture can be.

The international exhibition is the conclusion of five-year project of the Europees Keramish Werkcentrum (.EKWC/ European Ceramic Work Centre). A knowledge and international work place in the field of ceramics, ekwc offer artists and designers and inspiring environment.

With the exhibition EKWC aims to connect design, architecture, and visula art and raise these disciplines to a higher international level.

In work period of three months, architects, artist and designer from home and abroad have been able to experiment with all kind of ceramics. This has led to surprising and interisting project and collaborations ranging from artist who delivered an architectural  project to architects who engaged in visual art. A must for any lover of architecture, art, and design!



Nicola Boccini, Ceramics and Architecture

Trained as an artist Nicola Boccini continued his studies with a ceramic degree in Deruta, the place traditionally known for its majolica with lustre glazing. The traditional majolica production has by now greatly diminished and Boccini considers it his duty to revive this particular industry. He aims to do so using new materials and techniques, and above all by an unconventional approach to the medium.
For that reason he turned to thr EKWC. His experiments concerned the application of porcelain in combination with copper thread.
By “armouring” porcelain tiles with copper thread he killed two birds with one stone: the threads have a decorative as well as pratical function. Through the transperency of the white porcelain the threads are clearly outlined, while the copper oxide adds a green colour to the porcelain in specific places.
The conductivity of copper offers the possibility of varius eletrical applications, whereby Boccini’s first thought is lighting.

Edit by: Koos de Jong

Nicola Boccini Porcelain Veins ” I AM” at The Eindhoven University of Tecnology (TU/e) Netherlands