10 December 2015



Aura is a project to represent the light  as projection and as alone. The various shape and the various thicknesses of the ceramic body distribute light radiation in different way


Pectus terra are created in bone china. Because of its transparency and translucence, this porcelain was chosen by Nicola Boccini in 2014 for Evolution 14.0, the artist’s first multi-media ceramic work of art consisting of bright interactive panels. Travelling through space, light is able to activate the secret language locked within the material through mental research capable of sensing that in the color and in the bright vision, there exists one of the most fascinating levels of expression. The craftsman is an artist and his experimentation field is ceramic as well as psychological perception in all its aspects: perception of color, of movement, of light. Thanks to the micro sensors, the spectator is able to act upon the space of the artwork. The reactions are varied and unpredictable and the artwork takes on a sensuality of its own, as if it could almost come to life. Thin copper filaments, conductors of energy, are the veins of this bosom. “Fruit of the land that sustains and governs,” writes Floriana Spaccini. “Life yielding other life in an uncontrolled way that is guided by a sense that nature cannot explain if not by that destiny that outlines every existence, that falls into the unknown from which light is sent back to a higher understanding, leaving us only the emotions.” Three bosoms, ranging in size, shine in the whiteness of porcelain flesh, representing the three ages woman. The light within radiates gold; a spirit capable of surviving sickness and decay of a biological existence; faint forms that aim for perfection; eternal archetypes of feminine beauty.

Claudia Bottini

 Pectus Terra for luce4good and pink is good

Pectus Terra is multimedia and interactive artwork of Light Art created for luce4good 

Pectus Terra multimedia ceramic for pink is good

Bone China, diameter 44 cm x 27 cm, interactive by app and multimedial by voice


Pectus Terra Pink is good

Aura: artworks created for the exhibition luce4good within the project Pink is Good


Luce4good, Light Art Ensemble, 11 Artisti della Light Art per Pink is Good, con Fondazione Veronesi, QVC Italia, Accademia di Brera.