27 September 2015



The traced lines are inspired by nature, specifically the trunks of olive trees in a contemporary key. The majority of the artworks are made from stoneware or refractory materials, and all pieces undergo three firing processes, with the final one involving reduction. The glazes used are personally created by me for both low and high temperatures.

I discovered this firing and reduction technique in 2004 with some members of my group C.L.S (Experimental Free Ceramics) in New Jersey (USA), following the research paths of Beatrice Wood (BEA) and George Ohr. The artworks are crafted through high-temperature firings and prolonged internal reductions. While most effects resemble those of Raku ceramics, they are much more stable over time and reproducible.

Nicola Boccini ceramic artist
EKWC (European Keramic Work Centre) research residence Den Bosch (Holland)