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Nicola Boccini is a versatile and eclectic artist. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia (1994 – 1998), Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende and Kunst in The Hague (1997). His in-depth study of Ceramic technology makes him an experimental artist and technologist. Experimentation and research is always present in his works, the different “mix” between metals and minerals, natural glazes and oxides make his works unique. His art is divided between ceramics, video, performance and installations. In 1997 he created the CLS (Free Experimental Ceramics) international group which is active in the world of research and experimental ceramics. In 2001 he founded along with other artists, the international Ceramic Art School Romano Ranieri in Deruta. In the same year he won the first prize at the Festival of Polish theater and visual arts “Zdarzenia” and two years later he became the Festival’s artistic consultant for Italy. In 2009 received the European qualification as an expert in the restoration of ancient works. In 2010 he created art / r / evolution tour art exhibition (2010 – 2013) of experimental ceramic and wrote with his group the first Manifesto of Ceramic “Work in Clay is different”. Since 2011 he has been the coordinator of the center for research and development of one of the oldest ceramic businesses in the world (founded in 1500) U.Grazia Deruta. 2013 he patented new techniques on ceramic called “Boccini’s techniques”. 2014 he selected for the Taipei Biennale at Yingge Ceramics Museum (terra nova TBC 2014) in Taiwan. 2015 partecipate to the Exhibition “La Ceramica Contemporanea in Italia” at National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome (GNAM). Selected 59th – 61st – 62nd – Faenza Price at the International Ceramic Museum in Faenza. 2016, US Embassy in Rome commissioned a large ceramic panel to the theater at Villa Taverna.
Since 2017 is teacher of Ceramic&Design at the Fine Arts Academy “Pietro Vannucci” of Perugia.
In the same year, the National Museum of G’dansk (Poland) chooses him to realize “The Last Judgment”, inspired by Hans Memling (The Last judgment 1467) he realized a multimedia and interactive panel in bone china.
After creating ceramic 2.0, multimedia and interactive Ceramics in 2010, in 2016 he created Ceramica 3.0, a new concept and philosophy in organic ceramics, in 2020 he created C.C.C (Change Ceramic Climate) and in 2022 created a new concept on “Irrational Ceramic”.
He collaborates a great deal with research centres and art schools, both in Italy and abroad, and around the world with designers and architects of international renown. For him, ceramic material is ultra contemporary and creates performances and events.


Creating for me means “research” of new techniques and solutions.
I never create a form or shape first and then apply the technique.
I always create the technique first and then the form.


First experimental research on ceramics, and the first break with the traditional ceramics. Balls of clay with oxides launched with a slingshot on various surfaces, glaze and pigments fired on reduction way. formAzione …more


The Tracciati line is inspired to the nature, the log of the olive trees in contemporary key, the majority of the works is realized in gres vetrify or refractary clay, all the works have had 3 processes of firing of which the last one in reduction atmosfere. Tracciati …more

Porcelain Veins

Porcellan Veins, refers to a technique that can only be realized with the different types of porcelain and bone china. The procedure is an evolution of the Tracciati. Porcelain Veins is the second technique I’ve discovered Porcelain Veins …continue


First multimedia and interactive ceramic on light art. Evolution 14.0 and other upgrade until Evolution 15.6. RGB led and special voice controller give and emotional sensation on different light color. Porcelain Light …more

Pectus Terra

Pectus Terra (Aura) is an Artwork created for the light art exhibition LUCE4GOOD on the project Pink is Good. Perctus Terra is interactive and multimedia, can be controlled with an app installed on most modern smartphones. AURA …more

Light and Shapes

The new combination of Ceramic Shapes, drawing, project and then realize a new concept of light in the space. Light and Shapes…more

Change Ceramic Climate

The CCC technique (Change Ceramic Climate) is the result of years of exploration and experimentation in the field of contemporary ceramics. This new ceramic techniques involves… CCC…more


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